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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Recipe for Yal

Yal is the traditional dog food fed to Anatolian Shepherd dogs in Turkey. The recipe I use here was obtained from a Turkish gentleman who owns Anatolians. I'm sure there are as many variations on this recipe as there are cooks. I'd be very interested to hear about other Yal recipes!

To cook for one dog, use an 8 quart heavy-duty pan. Put in 5 cups each of wheat bran and all-purpose flour. Slowly whisk in cold water until smooth and pan is almost filled. Add 2 to 3 glugs of olive oil and about 1/2 teaspoon of salt. The mixture will boil up a bit, so leave bubble-up room and stirring room.

Using a tall wooden spoon (mixture gets very hot), stir almost constantly until mixture has boiled for one minute. Yal should be of a thick soup or oatmeal consistency, so it takes most of the day to cool. After one large metal dog dish is filled, save the extra Yal and refrigerate it. In a few days you'll have another dog meal and be able to give yourself a cooking break !
Yal is best if you add "healthy" leftovers, like old broth or tomato-based things like spaghetti sauce. Also keep all vegetable peelings and boil them until soft, adding both the vegetables and the cooking water to the Yal. I add everything I can, even poached egg water.
Here is my 4 month old Anatolian enjoying his breakfast today! His Yal had a jar of home-canned tomatoes cooked into it. Then some fresh goat milk and a fresh egg were stirred in before serving.

Yal is not the sole diet for Anatolians in Turkey. They are often fed fresh whole milk and a fresh raw egg or two. Once a week or so, they get a chunk of raw meat. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"No Squirrel" Zone

For this Livestock Guardian, any animal intruders in her pasture with her goats are unacceptable, except the farm cats.
Akilli kept her goats and puppies away from her "catch" by growling.
Much to Akilli's dismay, we removed the critter! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 03, 2006

After Tomatoes . . . Grapes!

This garden is just past the peak of production, but you can see all my raised beds!
I'm especially happy with our grape arbor.
Now I'm learning how to can grape juice! Posted by Picasa

The Joy of Tomatoes!

My kitchen today!
My tomatoes plants that took on a life of their own. This picture was taken AFTER I picked the ripe ones! And this is only ONE of my four tomato patches! 40+ tomato plants is more than enough for a year's suppy of tomato sauce for a family of 6 plus guests!
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