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Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Sunday, February 08, 2009

ORMANÜSTÜ DUMAN, Anatolian Shepherd Import

Meet our newest import, ORMANÜSTÜ DUMAN, a working dog from the east Black Sea mountains of Turkey. His name means Duman from the Upper Forest. The upper forest is the area just below the bare highlands, and it is also the name of the village that Duman is from.
Duman is 2 years old, 121 lbs (just prior to leaving Turkey), 30 to 31" in height (he doesn't like being measured!) but if you count the thick rough coat, he measures more like 34" (yeah, okay, I know that doesn't count, lol). His hips got Nornberg scores of 105 and 107 in Turkey, which is very good, and we plan to get OFA and Pennhip done soon in comparison.
Duman is very calm, adjusts easily to new situations, has a very sweet and loving disposition, and is very easy-going around people and animals. He worked with a sheep flock in Turkey, and is now doing well with his meat goats. However, in the photo above, he is agitated because the donkey on the neighbor's property was screaming, and Duman could not get to the source of the noise to make sure all animals were okay! He is learning what belongs to him to protect, and what to ignore at the neighbor's farm. He is also learning what fences are!
We are so proud of the new addition to Shepherds Rest Farm! We are looking forward to seeing some little Ormanüstü Dumans running around some time this spring or summer!
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Turkish shepherd dogs are always alert. Duman, in above photo, is paying close attention to a nearby female who was in heat.
Livestock guardian dog and happy about it! Duman is gentle with the new goat kids, but mostly watches over them from an adjacent barn stall until they are 3 days old and released into the pasture.

This last photo was taken in Turkey prior to Duman's long trip across Turkey, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, and then across the U.S. from NY to Newberg, Oregon! I love this photo because of his curly tail. He is such a relaxed dog, that we don't get to see that very often!

Huge thanks to my wonderful friends, Ali, Alp, Ayhan, Zafer, Irfan, and your families, for all your help and support in getting Duman to America!

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