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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies - ONE WEEK OLD!

It's feeding time for the Sirin X Duman litter, and they all seven find a way to find their food! Already they are using the mat under them as leverage for their feet to get where they want to be.
What a healthy and contented litter! This is the only time to get them lined up so colors and variations of the fawn ones can be seen, either at feeding or when asleep!
Sweet faces! Next time they are blogged in a week the eyes will likely be opening!
It's the after-feeding dog pile of full tummy puppies!
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Sirin X Duman. THE GIRLS.

Fawn black mask female with white right front foot. No rear dew claws. Birthweight 19.9 oz. One week old 37.5 oz. Second heaviest in litter after the big pinto male.
Fawn black mask female with white front toes doing a sleepy stretch. No rear dew claws. Birthweight 20.1 oz. One week old 32.8 oz.
Fawn black mask female. Double left and single right rear dew claws. Birthweight 20.1 oz. One week old 33.3 oz.
Fawn black mask female, darkest in litter but lightening as time goes by. Single rear dew claws. Birthweight 19.7 oz. One week old 33.3 oz.
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Sirin X Duman. THE BOYS.

Fawn black mask male. No dew claws. Birthweight 20.2 oz. One week old 32.9 oz.
Pinto male with all white body. No dew claws. Birthweight 17.9 oz. One week old 32.8 oz (2 lbs 0 oz). As you can see, the noses are just beginning to turn to black leather!
Pinto male with one spot at base of tail. No dew claws. Birthweight 23.9 oz (heavyweight of the litter). One week old 43.5 oz (2 lbs 11 oz)!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Puppy Count: 7

Sirin had 7 of 7 live, healthy, good-sized puppies, with one gigantic pinto boy. Weights ranged at birth from 17.9 to 20.2 ounces, except for gigantic boy at 23.9, holding up the whelping for 4 hours and 40 minutes and causing a lot of owner and vet concern. But we beat the odds and did not opt for the C-section choice, with vet support and understanding. Whelping started 10:20 am on Saturday, May 22, with the first puppy born, and ended at 2:13 am the next day, 12 minutes short of 16 hours to get all puppies out naturally (with the help of 4 oxytocin shots, 2 calcium shots, and 2 dosings of raspberry tea, oh and plus a trip to the vet for x-ray to confirm how many puppies we really were expecting)!
Final count is 4 females and 3 males. The females are all fawn/black mask with no white on the faces. The males included 2 pinto and one fawn/black mask with a bit of white on the nose. Sirin is doing wonderfully and the puppy sounds are delightful. :-) The owner is tired, but happy to not have to be up the whole night! In fact, at 3 am, owner is now going to sleep and if this email isn't coherent, well, I will worry about it another time!
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies just born!

This is a second litter from Shepherd's Rest import sire Ormanüstü Duman (from the east Black Sea area in Turkey!), and dam Gokkusagi's Sirin. Both parents are rough coats, so puppies are expected to have long coats too. These puppies will be ready for new homes on July 17, at 8 weeks old! Above: dark female on left and fawn male on right, nursing happily away prior to birth of third pup.
Left to right, in birth order, fawn male, dark fawn female, fawn female.
Left to right, fawn female, fawn male, dark fawn female.
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Sirin X Duman puppies just arrived!

A natural birth!!! Yay! Given the previous uterine inertia issue with the mother, Sirin, we chose to try raspberry tea, given orally, calcium injection IM at first sign of labor, oxytocin given at first sign of pushing, and a second shot of oxytocin given about 3 hours after third pup was born. Not sure if Sirin is finished whelping, but puppies are nursing happily and seem to have voracious appetites for such small tadpole-like creatures.
First pup born was a male, 20.2 oz (see above). Fawn head and body with white on the nose. White tipped tail. No rear dew claws.
Second pup born (see above) was a female, 19.7 oz. Very dark head and body. All dark tail. Single rear dew claws.
Third pup born was a second female, 20.2 oz. Fawn body and head with no white on the nose. White tipped tail. No rear dew claws.
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