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Friday, August 06, 2010

Ilik X Capar Female 8 WEEKS OLD!

Ok, so no being picky about how I stacked these puppies! I miss Pat Hastings! She was out of state when these puppies were ready for their 8 week litter evaluation. I just do not have the knack that Pat has for setting up the puppies! And as you can probably see by their faces, they were not happy with me either! Sorry puppies!

The lone female in this litter weighed 21 lbs 8 oz at 8 weeks old. She is now in Maryland, loving and protecting her new family. I suggested they get a wading pool, since she likes water so much!
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Ilik X Capar Males 8 WEEKS OLD!

Firstborn son (above and below) weighed 27 lbs 14 oz at 8 weeks old! He is now in Ontario, CANADA, joining the Shepherds Rest darkest female puppy from the Sirin X Duman litter.

Capar Jr. flew to Tennessee just prior to the heatwave, so left a few days before 8 weeks old due to needing to avoid the heat. The airport he flew into was not serviced by Continental Airlines (air-conditioned facilities), so special arrangements had to be made with Delta to ensure he would not fly through any hot areas. The temperature embargo that most airlines have in effect means that animals cannot fly if the temperature is likely to be at or above 85 degrees at any connection, including the destination, at their anticipated arrival time! When Capar Jr. left, he was 24 lbs 0 oz. I do not have an exact 8 week old weight for him.
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Ilik X Capar Puppies 7 WEEKS OLD!

Well, these puppies are now 8 weeks old and gone to their homes, but for the sake of documentation and those following the litter with interest, I'll go back and give weights and info for the 7 week point. In these pics, puppies are 6 weeks old because my computer (or the Picasa program I use for photos) deleted several folders when my computer ran out of space. The important thing here is the weights and info on the puppies at 7 weeks!
The female loves the cool spot behind the water trough, and in fact, loves to get her feet wet. Just prior to leaving for her travels to her new home, she was spotted stepping her front feet into the water trough, then hauling her back feet in also, one at a time, as the trough sides are higher than her tummy! At 7 weeks, she weighed 17 lbs 11 oz.
Firstborn son above weighed 22 lbs 8 oz at 7 weeks. He has enormous paws that even the vet and the Continental Cargo people exclaimed about! A very sweet boy! He weighed in at 1 oz more than his brother below.
Capar Jr. weighed 22 lbs 7 oz at 7 weeks old. He loves to guard his goats and is often seen standing around them rather than playing with the other puppies! He is quite attentive to whatever is going on!
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Monday, August 02, 2010

Sirin X Duman Male Anatolian Puppy

Benek, Turkish for Spot, since he has a spot at the base of his tail, is the only Sirin X Duman puppy still waiting on the perfect home. He is huge, super sweet, and loves goats and dogs and people. He is outside working 24/7. He loves mud and water on hot days. He also still loves to mouth feet and shoes of people who visit. Don't wear shoestrings when you come! He is very responsive to voice, and will make eye contact if he knows you're addressing him! He would love to have a farm job protecting livestock and people! He gave the alert just the other night when the coyotes were near. He's now too big to weigh on the puppy scale, and is 10 weeks old.
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