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Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

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Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anatolian Pups One Week Old - Females

Here is the whole litter naturally (above).
Here are the puppies lined up according to birth order (first 2 are the females). In case of confusion, birth order is numbered next to each pup also.
Fawn female (above) weighs 29.6 oz at a week old.
Brindle female weighs 29.8 oz.
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The light brindle male with a bit of a collar (above) weighs 43.6 oz at 1 week old.
The dark brindle male with the white heart on the shoulder, now looking less like a heart and more like a spot, as this boy grows quickly, weighs 36.9 oz at 7 days old.
The all fawn male weighs 31.1 oz.
The white knight male weighs 30.8 oz.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies - THE FEMALES

This is the birth order as presented: 2 females and then 4 males.
Fawn female (above), the firstborn, was born at 11:01 am. This girl has a lovely big white V on her chest, undoubtedly for Valentine's Day! This pup was the only one in the litter born breech. I actually pulled her out because she stayed halfway out of the birth canal too long for my patience. She weighed 20.6 oz at birth, the lightest of the 2 females, but heavier than the lightest weight male.

Brindle female with lightning bolt of white between shoulders weighed 24.5 oz, the third heaviest in the litter! She was born 34 minutes after her first sister. Neither she, nor any of her siblings have rear dew claws.
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Light brindle boy (above) with a bit of a collar was the third born and the first brindle male. He was born 1 hr 4 min after his second sister. He is the heaviest male and the heaviest pup in the litter, born at 27.3 oz. Little chubbo!
Dark brindle boy with white heart on back and dark heart on tummy, was born 2 hours 3 minutes after brother above. He is the second heaviest male and second heaviest pup in the litter, at 24.8 oz.
Fawn boy and only one in the litter without white shoulder spotting weighed 22.9 oz at birth. This guy has the darkest rear feet, with only white rear toes, while all other pups have totally white rear feet. Like all other puppies in this litter, his tail is white-tipped.
Fawn boy with white front legs and chest . . . tempted to call him the White Knight, as he is adorned with white below the head (chest and front legs and feet) when presenting his front side . . . weighed the least in the litter at 19.7 oz. The males started with the heaviest pup and got lighter with every pup! He and the fawn female both have a white spot on top of the right shoulder, but can be distinguished from colors of their fronts, as well as their sex!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Puppies Are Here!

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies have arrived! In honor of Valentine's Day, the male on the far right has a white heart on his back and a black heart on his white tummy. There are 2 females and 4 males, weighing from 19.7 oz to 27.3 oz. All are healthy and well. All have anywhere from a tiny bit of white on the nose to a wide blaze of white down the face, all in honor of Sirin, who is almost 9 years old and will be retired from breeding after this litter. (She will, however, continue her guard duties in the goat pasture.) The sire, Capar, also passed on his mark in the litter, with the brindle-colored puppies. None of these puppies has rear dew claws. Stay tuned for weekly pictures and updates!
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