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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shepherds Rest Pup in Washington

This is Osa, the light fawn female pup from our last litter. She is enjoying city life and being a companion. She loves sitting in the front gated patio area to guard her family. She loves other people and other dogs and is very sweet and good-tempered. She, like many of her siblings, are now participating in their first obedience classes.
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Another Shepherds Rest Pup in Washington

This is Noah, the high socks brindle pup from our last litter. He is a busy boy, getting to know the goats, romping with the other dogs and figuring out his place in the pack, as well as being a companion in the house. He will soon have many acres to cover while guarding the goats from predators! Meanwhile, back to the goats (his favorite interest)!
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Shepherds Rest Pup in Pennsylvania

This is Sehzade, the short socks brindle pup from our last litter. He is exploring and enjoying his new home very much, from the sticks and snow, to the window peeking, to the goats! And of course, paying attention to what's outside the fence!

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

TURKISH SHEPHERD DOGS: Stories from Turkey #2

Part 2 of 2
This is the same dog owner in Turkey as part 1 of this story. This female got in a fight with a wolf and needed medical attention, which he gave.

The dog also needed dental attention. This is a pictoral story of the tooth removal.

Look at the size of that canine tooth below!!! Although there were other dogs guarding with this dog, she was the first one to catch up with the wolf! She is now doing fine and continuing her livestock guarding work in Turkey.

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