Shepherds Rest Farm

Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yasmine X Duman Puppies 8 Weeks Old

Stacked by Pat Hastings

Female 1
22 lbs 14 oz at exactly 8 weeks old
This female now works on a farm in West Virginia.

Female 2
20 lbs 8 oz
This girl has joined her new Anatolian family on acreage in South Carolina.

Female 3
21 lbs 12 oz
This female now works in a remote area of Minnesota.

Male 1
21 lbs 3 oz
This boy is on his way to Colorado to a big livestock guardian job.

Male 2
22 lbs 1 oz
This male is now guarding property and his new family in Oregon.

Male 3
22 lbs 5 oz
This boy is now working on a farm in Colorado.

Male 4
20 lbs 2 oz
This male joins a previous Shepherds Rest dog guarding livestock in Oregon.
Shepherds Rest has retained breeding rights to this phenomenal pinto boy.

Those in attendance at this Pat Hastings litter evaluation on April 13, 2015
(left to right):  Carey, Suzy, Pat, Chyril, Moriah, and Alison.

Kepi X Gunner Puppies 8 Weeks Old

Stacked by Pat Hastings

27 lbs 1 oz

Male 1
27 lbs 7 oz

Male 2
No 8 week pics or weight available due to hospitalization (see below).

Male 2 was not able to be stacked due to a sudden internal vascular event at 7 1/2 weeks old.  According to the veterinary neurologist specialist, something became briefly lodged in a small spinal artery in the cervical area on his left side.  This caused swelling, loss of motor function on the puppy's left side, and loss of proprioception (the puppy's ability to know where his left legs are in relation to the body).  So this puppy boy, named "Sakat" (Turkish for injured/damaged), is learning to walk again and is receiving lots of physical therapy.  When the event happened, Sakat had what seemed like total paralysis of his left legs, which were also stiff, and mild Horner Syndrome in his left eye (due to the disruption of the nerve pathway leading to that eye from the brief spinal artery blockage).  Sakat was put on stereoids for a few days to decrease the swelling, and he began physical therapy, which we have been doing at the farm so he could be with his siblings and mother.

Initially, sweet Sakat was very frustrated that he could not just jump up and play with the other puppies like he used to.  However, he has been absolutely determined to get up and move, so he has!  He began by using swimming motions while lying on his side, eventually standing, then taking a step, then hobbling/hopping to get where he wants to go.  Amazingly, he can go anywhere he wants now, and even jumped the creek twice yesterday (swimming successfully to shore by himself under supervision)!  His left rear leg is getting almost back to normal very quickly.  His eye is also almost back to normal.  His left front leg still needs work, as he rolls his foot forward, not using it much, until he acquires/builds accurate proprioception.  The vet specialist was extremely pleased with Sakat's progress two days ago, saying he expects this pup to be completely back to normal in 2 months!  This is one incredible boy!  We should never underestimate his tenacity to get a job done if he decides it needs 

Sakat is going to work on a ranch in Montana with his brother, leaving in a week.  He will begin on light duty as a yard guardian, getting lots of physical therapy and love.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Kepi X Gunner Pups 7 Weeks Old

The gang!

Male 1
22 lbs 10 oz

Male 2
24 lbs 2 oz

22 lbs 4 oz

Yasmine X Duman Litter

The gang's all here!  7 weeks old.

Yasmine X Duman Litter 7 Weeks Old

Female 1

19 lbs 3 oz

Female 2
18 lbs 2 oz

Female 3
17 lbs 2 oz

Male 1
17 lbs 8 oz

Male 2
18 lbs 2 oz

Male 3 (above & below)
18 lbs 6 oz

Male 4 (above & below)
16 lbs 11 oz

Weights of puppies are varying greatly from day to day, for example, female 3 weighed consecutive days this week:  15 lbs 8 oz, 16 lbs 2 oz, 15 lbs 8 oz, 15 lbs 12 oz, 16 lbs 1 oz, 18 lbs 2 oz, 17 lbs 2 oz.  The differing weights depend on the weather and how much the puppies chose to be out running around vs snuggled up out of the Oregon rain, and how close to weighing time they ate.  All puppies are strong (practicing creek jumping), fast-moving, and interested in everything in their environment.  They bark if someone strange approaches.  I'm delighted with Yasmine's first litter!