Shepherds Rest Farm

Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kisrak X Noah Pups 1 Day Old

Male 1

Brindle, 20.2 oz at birth

Male 2
Brindle, 19.0 oz at birth

Male 3
Brindle, 15.8 oz at birth

Male 4
Fawn, 16.9 oz at birth

Male 5
Pinto, 21.8 oz at birth

Male 6
Pinto, 18.8 oz at birth

Female 1
Brindle, 15.6 oz at birth

Female 2
Fawn, 19.7 oz at birth

Female 3
Fawn, 17.1 oz at birth

Female 4
Pinto, 19.7 oz at birth

Female 5
Pinto, 16.0 oz at birth

Kisrak X Noah Puppies Have Arrived!

11 puppies, all healthy, born 8/29/15

6 males and 5 females

Brindles:  3 males, 1 female
Fawns:  1 male, 2 females
Pintos:  2 males, 2 females

* Dam of the litter:  Shepherds Rest Kisrak (fawn smooth coat).
* Dam's parents:  Ormanustu Duman (grey fawn rough coat) and Avsar's Nazli (fawn smooth coat), both imported from Turkey by Shepherds Rest.
* Sire of the litter:  Shepherds Rest Noah (brindle smooth coat).  Noah is owned by OngHong Smith in Washington state.
* Sire's parents:  Shepherds Rest's Turkish import Capar of Cardak (brindle smooth coat) and Shepherds Rest Murekkep ("Kepi") (fawn rough coat).
* The sire's maternal grandparents (Kepi's parents) are Turkish import Ormanustu Duman and Gokkusagi's Sirin (fawn with dutch markings).
* This litter is a purposeful line-breeding on import Ormanustu Duman.