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Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kisrak X Noah Puppies 8 Weeks Old

Litter DOB:  08-29-15

Male 1:  Brindle

Headed to Montana soon.  Road trip!!  Taking this boy so we can see 2 previous Shepherds Rest puppies!  Woohoo!  Also looking forward to maintaining breeding rights on this lovely boy!
22 lbs 4 oz

Male 2:  Brindle
Headed to Alaska soon, around Anchorage, to guard a family with two human children from bears and other predators, and enjoy the Alaskan acreage.
21 lbs 12 oz

Male 3:  Brindle rough coat
We call him Tombul meaning "round" (roly-poly) in Turkish!  He is a happy dufus, galumphing around always in a good mood.
18 lbs 10 oz

Male 4:  Fawn
Titus is headed to Washington to do his guardian work there.
19 lbs 12 oz

Male 5:  Pinto
Best in litter, best ever produced at Shepherds Rest (according to Pat Hastings).  Staying at Shepherds Rest unless/until a show/breeding family talks me out of him, in which case I want breeding rights!  He MUST stay in the genepool in the U.S.  His spots are brindle!  Haven't decided on his name yet.
22 lbs 10 oz

Male 6:  Pinto rough coat
Easily mistaken as a sheep, so we call him Kuzu, Turkish for "lamb."  He is one furry fluff-ball for sure!
23 lbs 7 oz

Female 1:  Brindle
Going to Washington soon, to the owner of the sire (Shepherds Rest Noah), also joining Shepherds Rest Pepper (all brindles!).
16 lbs 2 oz

Female 2:  Fawn
Going to the Phillippines after a short stay in Washington!  Her name is Naji Anne (Turkish, meaning "intimate companion" Anne, after a very dear relative).  She recently made a trip to a local university to comfort sorority girls during midterms.  She was joined in this adventure by Males 3 and 6,  and Female 5.  It was a courtyard filled with girls taking selfies with the pups and exclaiming, "This is the  best day of my life!"
16 lbs 4 oz

Female 3:  Fawn rough coat
Staying local on a vineyard/farm with 2 previous Shepherds Rest dogs.
20 lbs 4 oz

Female 4:  Pinto with spots
Heavy-weight girl!  Very laid back.  Happy with food and naps!  We call her Şişman (pronounced Sheesh Mon), meaning heavy-weight in Turkish, until a new owner names her.  Lol.  We have fun with names here!
23 lbs 4 oz

Female 5:  Pinto with all white body (has brindle pattern on the face)
She is so active, it was impossible to weigh her!  Yesterday, she was 18 lbs at the vet.  Pups did not gain much from yesterday until today, due to the long day yesterday at Pat Hastings and then the vet.  I need a better scale for large, active puppies!  We call her Yarişati ("race horse" in Turkish), pronounced Yarash Ahtah, unless a new owner changes it.
18 lbs 0 oz (estimated weight)

Pat Hastings' Evaluation Photos

The Kisrak X Noah Litter

Male 1:  Brindle

Male 2:  Brindle

Male 3:  Brindle rough coat

Male 4:  Fawn, smooth coat

Male 5:  Pinto with brindle spots

Male 6:  Pinto rough coat

Female 1:  Brindle

Female 2:  Fawn

Female 3:  Fawn rough coat

Female 4:  Pinto

Female 5:  Pinto
A spitfire of a sweet girl.  She seems tireless.  Lucky to even get these pictures!

Sorry for the blurry photos.  Cameras are not my specialty!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kisrak X Noah Puppies 7 Weeks Old

Male 1:  brindle smooth coat
18 lbs 10 oz

Male 2:  brindle smooth coat
17 lbs 6 oz

Male 3:  brindle rough coat
15 lbs 1 oz

Male 4:  fawn smooth coat
16 lbs 4 oz

Male 5:  pinto smooth coat
18 lbs 10 oz

Male 6:  pinto rough coat
18 lbs 7 oz

Female 1:  brindle smooth coat
12 lbs 2 oz

Female 2:  fawn smooth coat
12 lbs 3 oz

Female 3:  fawn rough coat
16 lbs 1 oz

Female 4:  pinto smooth coat
19 lbs 8 oz

Female 5:  pinto smooth coat
15 lbs 4 oz