Shepherds Rest Farm

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Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bandit's Story

Bandit, seen here with his goats, is the sire of Sirin and Akilli at Shepherds Rest Anatolians. Bandit has been owned by the Strong family since 2003. He was first purchased from Ruth Webb by another family. Following is a true story recounted to the Strongs by his previous owner.

One day, Bandit was in a five-acre field guarding goats. A neighbor happened to look out his window and saw a fawn that could not get out of Bandit's side of the pasture. The fawn kept running into the fence and squealing. Bandit was watching the fawn in its dilemma. Suddenly the fawn butted Bandit. Then the fawn bashed Bandit again. Having seen enough of the fawn in its panic, Bandit placed his big, gentle paw on the deer and held it. The neighbor was then able to go over and lift the fawn over the fence.

Bandit has sired five litters, all natural breedings. His daughter, Sirin, is expecting her first litter of pups. Pictures of the newborns will be posted next week. See: for more pictures of Bandit and other dogs in Sirin's pedigree.

Currently, Bandit makes his home in the pastures behind a country feed store in Mulino, Oregon, guarding goats and sheep. Clients of the feed store say they wish they could sit in lawn chairs all day and watch Bandit, especially when he licks the baby sheep and lets them climb all over him. Posted by Picasa