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Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Monday, March 20, 2017

Male 6 (brown collar) picture correction at 6 weeks old

This should have been the picture included with Male 6 (brown collar) at 6 weeks old, but instead a duplicate picture of another pup magically appeared.  Although I like things to be perfect, I'm not up for re-doing the entire blog post and I'm not savvy enough to be able to replace just one picture without ruining the entire post.  Lol.

Birnur X Arap's 17 puppy litter 6 weeks old

Mom has a peaceful spot to rest so puppies are not always harassing her when she is done feeding them.  She is also beginning to wean them naturally.  We didn't know if she was using her perch but we snuck out and caught her late at night!

The gang is usually divided (above pic) so when Mom does spend time with each group, she is not overwhelmed and simply avoid them.  However, they have plenty of together time with all of their siblings (below pic) to sleep and play.  This is what a puppy pile of 17 looks like!

And with the one-week-old goat kids, the pups had one-on-one time with them and then some time with them as a group, which most slept through since the one-on-one time was so stimulating and new, despite having adult goats and sheep adjacent to their pen.  It's too wet to let the pups out in the pasture yet.  They would drown in the mud!

 Weights & pictures are from Sunday at exactly 6 weeks old.  Pics immediately above and below the description belong to that pup (e.g., pics above & below the label "Male 1" are of male 1).
 Male 1 (aqua collar)
11 lbs 2 oz

Male 2 (gray collar)
15 lbs 8 oz

Male 3 (orange collar)
11 lbs 0 oz

 Male 4 (pink collar)
13 lbs 2 oz

 Male 5 (red collar)
11 lbs 10 oz

 Male 6 (brown collar)
13 lbs 5 oz

 Male 7 (green collar)
14 lbs 14 oz

 Male 8 (blue collar)
11 lbs 6 oz

 Male 9 (black collar)
12 lbs 14 oz

 Male 10 (purple collar)
13 lbs 14 oz

 Female 1 (red striped collar)
11 lbs 12 oz

 Female 2 (purple striped collar)
10 lbs 3 oz

 Female 3 (orange striped collar)
11 lbs 2 oz

 Female 4 (aqua striped collar)
10 lbs 12 oz

Female 5 (pink striped collar)
9 lbs 10 oz

 Female 6 (tan striped collar)
11 lbs 11 oz

 Female 7 (yellow striped collar)
12 lbs 3 oz

Friday, March 17, 2017

Birnur X Arap's 17 puppies at 5 weeks old

Pups are very active now:  pouncing, engaging in mock battles, barking, growling, and making all kinds of different sounds.  Pictures and weights on 3-12-17 at exactly 5 weeks old are as follows:

Male 1 (aqua collar):  7 lbs 6 oz
Male 2 (gray collar):  10 lbs 11 oz
Male 3 (orange collar):  7 lbs 8 oz
Male 4 (pink collar):  8 lbs 14 oz
Male 5 (red collar):  7 lbs 8 oz
Male 6 (brown collar):  9 lbs 1 oz
Male 7 (green collar):  10 lbs 1 oz
Male 8 (blue collar):  8 lbs 8 oz
Male 9 (black collar):  8 lbs 15 oz
Male 10 (purple collar):  9 lbs 4 oz
Female 1 (red striped collar):  8 lbs 11 oz
Female 2 (purple striped collar):  7 lbs 14 oz
Female 3 (orange striped collar):  8 lbs 4 oz
Female 4 (aqua striped collar):  7 lbs 5 oz
Female 5 (pink striped collar):  6 lbs 15 oz
Female 6 (tan striped collar):  8 lbs 2 oz
Female 7 (yellow striped collar):  8 lbs 14 oz     
Mom:  Shepherds Rest Birnur  (both her parents are Turkish imports)

Dad:  Yozgatlı Arap Atı (imported from Turkey by Shepherds Rest)