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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Something must be Fowl in Turkey!

Following are poultry pictures from the western third of Turkey. The blog entries this date are dedicated to my dear friend, also a chicken lover and Anatolian Shepherd Dog mentor, Janice. You are special! Enjoy! For all the rest of you readers, this "chicken stuff" all started when I learned Janice loved chickens AND I happened to run across a very unique item at Walgreens! To see the unique item, go to Janice's website and blog are much more interesting, though: and But back to the pictures here, the first rooster featured is very unique in that it can crow nonstop for as long as two minutes. (I tried to get you one, Janice, but I couldn't afford the jail time!) Anyway, that's not repetitive crowing, it's one looooong crow, no breath taken (from what I can figure). All the photos through the one of the chicks were taken in the lowlands in the western third of Turkey last month.
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