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Monday, November 24, 2008

CAZIP, Anatolian Shepherd import

Cazip accompanied me and her brother, Durbun, from Turkey to the U.S. in May. She will be a year old next month. She is alpha (or tries to be, for the time being) over her brother and the older import, Kara, in her goat pasture. She is 24/7 with her Oberhasli dairy goats.
Cazip is always the first in the pasture to greet human visitors and her family. She is very self-confident in the pasture. In her dog obedience class she scored best in the class during graduation exercises (over 4 German Shepherds and a rottweiler), and also received "most improved." She was absolutely awesome in her attitude that day, and totally pleased with herself for her performance!
Cazip is very opinionated about what belongs in her pasture and in the farmyard beyond the pasture. She barks but also does a bit of "talking" about it too. In the night, her vocalizations can always be distinguished from the other dogs because of her unique "talking" sounds.
In photo above, Cazip is deciding whether to go running across the pasture about something!
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