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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sirin X Duman FEMALE PUPPIES Two Weeks Old

White foot girl weighs in at 53.6 oz now. She gained 16.1 oz this week, a tiny bit down from the weight gain of 17.6 oz her first week of life.
White toes girl now weighs 48.8 oz. The gain this week was 16.0 oz, a big change from being tied for least weight gain in the litter at 12.7 oz her first week last week.
This girl with a double rear dew claw is still second darkest in the litter, but lightening up. There is no stripe on her nose. That's only a light effect in the photo. This gal is now the female heavy-weight of the litter at 51.3 oz, a gain of 18.0 oz this week, which wins her the Most Gained In Litter status this week! (Last week she gained 13.2 oz.)
Darkest girl here is also lightening up but still darkest in the litter, especially when compared to the fawn male she's sleeping on! She weighs 49.9 oz, having gained 16.6 oz this week. Last week's gain was 13.6 oz.
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