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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sirin X Duman Females 7 WEEKS OLD!

Lightest female who has the lightest mask was 14 lbs 15 oz at 7 weeks old (Saturday). She gained 3 lbs 1 oz this week, and had an average daily weight gain this week of 7.0 oz. She still has the best eye contact, such that it seems like she's trying to read your mind!
White toes female who is also a light-colored body and has an all dark chin, was 14 lbs 15 oz also. She gained 3 lbs 7 oz this week, the big gainer of the girls. Her average daily weight gain was 7.9 oz, second only to one of her brothers in total weight gain this week and average daily weight gain for the week! This girl continues to mostly enjoy staying kicked back and observing activities without getting in the midst of them, although she does join in sometimes.
Dark female with a double dew claw (actually is one dew since the second pad has no actual claw in it) was 15 lbs 1 oz, the heavy-weight female of the sisterhood. Her weight gain for the week was 3 lbs 1 oz, with an average daily weight gain of 7.0 oz. She and her sister below are the biggest meet-and-greeters of the litter!
Darkest female weighed 14 lbs 10 oz on Saturday at 7 weeks old. She gained 3 lbs 2 oz this week for an average daily weight gain of 7.1 oz. She is still the friendliest and if allowed, will be the first in your lap and the first one out the gate!
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Anonymous Andra said...

such eyes looking very intently at us..... peering into they know not what via my computer screen
bet they love the camera and watching the antics of Chyril trying to take pictures of them
their expressions are so beautiful - first in the lap AND OUT THE GATE - EEK... WE HAVE A the puppy pen seems just too small for enquiring young minds!

July 13, 2010 10:31 AM  

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