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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies 1 Week Old

The Nazli X Capar litter is one week old in these pictures. Male is shown on top above (facing camera), while below he is the solid fawn coat without the brindling seen in the female.

Female pup below. Notice that mother is shedding, so even though I clean up her fur constantly, it is still everywhere! Mother Nazli was also chewing on the inside of the whelping box, so I'm also cleaning up slivers of wood with the fur! See puppy weights below.

Male weights by day (from day 1 birth weight, to day 7's one week old weight):
24.6, 26.6, 30.3, 34.0, 36.8, 37.9, 39.5 oz (one week gain in weight was 14.9 oz)
Female weights by day:
27.1, 26.8, 30.5, 33.5, 35.2, 38.2, 40.3 (one week gain in weight was 13.2 oz)
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