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Monday, October 31, 2011

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies 1 Week Old

The Kepi X Capar litter of 9 is growing fast. Mother Kepi is spending more time outside the whelping box and has become very protective of her babies, getting very riled up when other dogs approach the fence to her puppy enclosure. Kepi seems to produce an abundance of milk to keep them happy, not surprising after eating 2 full meals per day (double her normal amount).  A week from today, the puppies will begin regulating their own body temperatures.  Some are already starting to stand more upright on their legs instead of "swimming" like salamanders (see lightest weight female, the 9th pic below, who is the fastest one on her feet)!  The puppies have different vocalizations depending on how they're feeling.  The sound of newborn puppies began with a "meowing" type sound.  Now if they are hungry and not attended to by mom fast enough, they will escalate into more screaming or high-pitched sounds, which rarely happens.  Or if they're annoyed, like when I weigh them each night and they don't get back to mom fast enough, they will do a rolling chirp like squirrels telling you off!  ;->

Dark brindle MALE (single dew claws) and front leg white socks to mid-thighs weighs 32.0 oz.

Dark brindle MALE (double dew claws) weighs 35.2 oz.

Light brindle MALE (single dew claws) with white shoulder spot weighs 34.2 oz.

Dark fawn MALE (no dew claws) with right front white foot weighs 34.9 oz.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for telling us about all their life experiences... like all their unique sounds that you start to identify what is happening and how they are feeling... bet Kepi gets a bit out of sorts when they are taken away for weighing too
sounds like she is a very attentive and good mom!
love the white toes!!!

November 01, 2011 10:26 AM  

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