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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Nazli's 2-Sire Litter at 8 Weeks Old

Puppies have all gone to their new homes, from North Carolina to California to Oregon.
DNA profiles have just arrived.  Stay tuned for next blog on determining the sire of each pup!

See previous blogs for stacked photos of each pup. 

ALL puppies in this Nazli litter were determined by Pat Hastings to be breeding/show quality!
According to Pat, statistically a litter is normally 50% pet quality and 50% breeding/show quality.

Shepherds Rest statistics from Pat Hastings litter evaluations began at 50% breeding quality in our first litter in 2006, to 100% breeding quality (all import parentage) in this Nazli 2012 litter.
Since February of 2006, Shepherds Rest has produced 11 litters and 63 puppies, an average of 5 puppies per litter.  Of the 9 litters Pat Hastings has evaluated in person, overall average breeding quality of Shepherds Rest puppies is 75%!  Please beware that although many breeders say they do Pat Hastings evals, Pat has told me that no one else is certified to do "Pat Hastings litter evaluations." 

For more information on Shepherds Rest breedings, we welcome your email or call:       (503) 852-7082
We carefully screen and choose all puppy buyers and require a deposit with signed contract to reserve a pup. 
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