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Friday, September 06, 2013

The Females - One Day Old (continued)

Above and below is Female 4 with a large fallen P-shaped white spot on her chest.  She weighed 13.7 oz at birth and 13.7 oz again at one day old. 
Note:  Staying at or near birth weight, or even dropping a bit of weight the first day or two after birth is not unusual.


Above and below is Female 5.  She is small but very strong and has no problem holding her own at the nipples with her bigger sisters.  She has a large W shape of white on her chest.  She weighed 7.4 oz at birth and 8.1 at one day old. 
Note:  Size at birth does not predict size as an adult.  Size at birth is related to position in the uterine horn and likely this girl was squished between larger siblings so had less growing room.  Sometimes the smallest pup can end up being the largest in the litter as a full-grown adult.


Above and below is Female 6 (in order on my weight list), but she was the first born.   She sneaked into the world without a peep.  (The barn monitor was on and Biskit was being closely watched, knowing she was in labor.)  When pup 2 was born and squealed, this pup was discovered already dry and happily nursing!  She has larger and smaller adjacent V shapes of white on her chest.  She weighed 14.2 oz at birth (minus however much she stole in weight from the milk truck!).  She weighed 15.5 oz at one day old.
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