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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Birnur X Duman Puppies Born Today!

Twelve puppies born:  7 males, 5 females.  Eleven alive and thriving!  One of the females, born alive and healthy, sadly was laid on by mama dog during whelping.  More details below.

Males weighed in at birth from 17.9 oz to 21.8 oz.  Females weighed 17.2 oz to 21.8 oz.  Birnur never showed signs of being in labor.  Listening to the barn monitor all last night, she never made any sound to alert to the coming delivery, no digging or whining heard!  She popped the first pup out at 9:40 am, followed by puppies at 10:20 am11:29 am11:53 am,  12:53 pm1:25 pm1:37 pm2:45 pm3:01 pm4:26 pm4:40 pm, and last pup at 7:30 pm.
Birnur is totally wiped out but doing terrific!  Funny thing . . . vet did x-ray on Monday and counted 7 puppies!  The litter size was a total surprise, but we are thrilled!

Birnur 3 days before whelping:
Standing in the creek!


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