Shepherds Rest Farm

Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Tuesday, September 08, 2015


PUPPIES from Shepherds Rest Birnur (daughter of Turkish imports) and Ormanustu Duman (Turkish import).
DOB:  05-12-2015

Shepherds Rest Bay Beyaz
(Pronounced "bye BAYoz", Mr. White in Turkish).
This breeding quality boy is super sweet and would be happy following his owner around and getting lots of hugs.  He is not yet trained but is eager to please and is food motivated.  He gets along well with younger puppies and older dogs.  He is guarding goats 24/7.

Shepherds Rest Talihli
(Pronounced "tah LEE lee", Talih for short, meaning lucky/fortunate in Turkish)
This breeding quality guy is already trained and loves to perform for treats.  He needs a big outside farm job, as he does not like being micro-managed inside a home.  He gets along well with younger puppies and older dogs.  He is guarding goats 24/7.


PUPPIES from Shepherd's Rest Benekli Elmas Ayi  ("Moose") (bringing together 3 Turkish import lines) and Ormanustu Duman (Turkish import)
DOB:  4th of July, 2015

Shepherds Rest Koca Ayak
(Pronounced "koh jaw EYE ock", meaning big foot in Turkish) This male has the most interesting huge rear feet.  His double rear dew claws harken back to his primitive heritage.  He loves his goats, jumping the creek with the other male puppies, and exploring his world.  He is food motivated and eager to learn.

Shepherds Rest Karayilan
(Pronounced "kar ah YEW lan", meaning black snake in Turkish)
This breeding quality boy was so fast and sneaky as a young pup, stealing his mother's food quick as lightning when no one was looking.  He was full of funny ornery energy, and very playful, although he now seems to be settling down nicely as he matures, and does great with the goats 24/7.  He would be terrific as a farm companion with owners that love a dog full of antics.  He is likely to empty your barn when your back is turned, causing a hunt for items.  He loves attention and should bring lots of entertainment and laughter to his new family.  He is food motivated.

Shepherds Rest Toros  SOLD
(Pronounced "TOR ose", named after the Toros Mountains in Turkey)
This guy is aptly named, as he always likes to walk along the higher part of the property, overlooking the lowlands.  He has no problem vying with the older male puppies for treats, and can be found right in the thick of things wanting to earn snacks.  He is full of confidence.  He takes his guardian job with the goats seriously and would have no problem going up against predators.

(Of course, puppy buyers can rename their puppies.)


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