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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Yasmine X Sirtlan Puppies Born!

This is Turkish import Yasmine's second litter.  The sire, Sirtlan, is our newest Turkish import.  The litter was born April 2, 2016, just missing April Fools' Day by a little over an hour!  There were 10 puppies total, 8 living, and all good weights.  The third- and tenth-born puppies were stillborn and both exactly 24.0 ounces (humongous puppies).  The first 2 puppies were males and the remaining 8, including the 2 stillborns, were females.  All puppies are fawn, black mask.

Male 1, born just before 1:29 am.
21.4 oz

Male 2, born 1:29 am.
18.2 oz

Female 1, born 5:40 am (after the 24.0 oz stillborn female at 5:15 am, who held up the show for quite some time).
19.8 oz

Female 2, born 6:27 am.
18.4 oz

Female 3, born 7:36 am.
17.6 oz

Female 4, born 9:05 am.
19.4 oz

Female 5, born 9:18 am.
19.4 oz

Female 6, born 9:38 am.
22.2 oz

The last-born stillborn female arrived at 1:00 pm, pulled out manually by the vet, and was 24.0 oz.
All puppies are thriving and gaining weight.  Yasmine is a phenomenal mother!


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