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Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

NESELI x KARAKURT litter of 14
2 weeks old on the 4th of July
(day 2 of record-breaking HEATWAVE at 109 degrees F!)
DOB:  Father's Day 6-20-2021


Black collar male, 2nd born (above)

Birthweight 21.3 oz

Week 1 weight 30.1 oz

Week 2 weight 53.5 oz

Brown collar male, 6th born (above)

Birthweight 19.5 oz

Week 1 weight 29.6 oz

Week 2 weight 51.5 oz

Orange collar male, 7th born (above)

Birthweight 20.3 oz

Week 1 weight 31.3 oz

Week 2 weight 54.5 oz

Blue collar male, 8th born (above)

Birthweight 19.1 oz

Week 1 weight 26.4 oz

Week 2 weight 46.5 oz

Orange stripe collar male, 13th born (above)

Birthweight 19.4 oz

Week 1 weight 34.1 oz

Week 2 weight 55.5 oz

Red stripe collar male, 14th & last born (above)

Birthweight 19.9 oz

Week 1 weight 30.0 oz

Week 2 weight 56.0 oz



Purple collar female, 1st born (above)

Birthweight 19.3 oz

Week 1 weight 26.8 oz

Week 2 weight 44.5 oz

Red collar female, 3rd born (above)

Birthweight 15.7 oz

Week 1 weight 24.6 oz

Week 2 weight 41.5 oz

Pink collar female, 4th born (above)

Birthweight 17.8 oz

Week 1 weight 25.1 oz

Week 2 weight 43.5 oz

Aqua collar female, 5th born (above)

Birthweight 17.5 oz

Week 1 weight 26.4 oz

Week 2 weight 46.5 oz

Green collar female, 9th born (above)

Birthweight 15.9 oz

Week 1 weight 25.9 oz

Week 2 weight 44.0 oz

Yellow collar female, 10th born (above)

Birthweight 18.0 oz

Week 1 weight 25.6 oz

Week 2 weight 43.0 oz

Grey collar female, 11th born (above)

Birthweight 19.1 oz

Week 1 weight 26.7 oz

Week 2 weight 47.0 oz

White collar female, 12th born (above)

Birthweight 13.3 oz

Week 1 weight 17.6 oz

Week 2 weight 34.1 oz

Smallest in the litter but completely holds her own and has always thrived equally well as her siblings!  Size at birth is due to position in the uterine horn, and uterine horn health, which was excellent by the look of the rest of the siblings.  She just had less room in which to grow and can now make up for it.  Sometimes smallest in the litter becomes largest in the litter as an adult.  Only time will tell, but I would not expect this pup to be a small adult!


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