Shepherds Rest Farm

Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In the tourist town of Kas, along the Mediterranean Sea, these dogs were enjoying the morsels of food shared with them by tourists. Allowed to walk among the tables and lie at people's feet in the outside restaurants until a customer would complain, or in our case, a child cried out in fear of the dogs, these dogs seemed right at home! Shortly after being shooed just beyond the tables, the dogs would be back and the restaurant workers would just ignore them like they belonged there. These dogs may be strays, or may be owned by people who live in town. (There were also cats sitting under the tables nibbling on shared food. We fed two or three cats the fish heads from our meals.)

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