Shepherds Rest Farm

Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It is a very quiet, still world here at Shepherds Rest Farm. But don't be fooled. The Anatolian Shepherds are all still very much on guard!
Yes, there are raised beds, hidden now, in my garden! The grape arbor is a perch for many small birds that flit in and out of the branches piled with snow.
Kara, Durbun, and Cazip are saying hello this morning at the gate. When they go out into the deeper snow, their legs completely disappear! They have all the snow trampled down where they are now. Last night, they all chose to sleep out in the snow rather than go into the shelter and sleep in the straw. They just curl up with their noses under their tails.
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