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Monday, September 14, 2009

One Week Old Anatolian Shepherd Puppies!

This litter of 7 pups is all very healthy!
This is the only male in the litter (above). He has a white collar and single rear dew claws. At birth he weighed in at 20.9 oz, the heaviest in the litter. Now he takes second place in weight after a female, at 3.4 oz.
This is the darkest-colored female in the litter (above). This pic is over-exposed, but you can see how dark she is compared to the rest in the top picture of the whole litter. She does not have rear dew claws. She weighed 19.0 oz at birth and now is at 24.5 oz. She and one other female lost weight before beginning to gain it back. This gal dropped to 17.2 oz on day 3 before beginning a steady gain back up.

Below is the heaviest female in the litter and now at a week old is the heaviest in the whole litter! She has a few tiny white shoulder spots. She also has no rear dew claws. Her weight at birth: 20.1 oz, coming second after the male in weight. Now she has taken over at 37.4 whopping ounces! A chubby bundle for sure!
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