Shepherds Rest Farm

Breeding New Anatolian Shepherd Import Lines - Direct From Turkey

Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

Location:  Newberg, Oregon, United States

Monday, October 12, 2009

This lovely gal (above) with 3 white spots on her shoulder continues to be a laid-back, sweet pup. If you aren't careful, she will deposit herself between your feet while you're busy doing something, and you can't forget to look where you step! She is all of 9 lbs, 5 oz.
Another take-everything-in-stride, girl is this one with the dark face and white tip tail. She is a tiny bit more reserved than the pup shown above, mostly minding her own business, but when "PUPPIES!" are called, she comes running along with the rest. This pup has a broad head! She weighs 9 lbs, 10 oz today.

Lots-of-energy and spirit is held by this puppy, who also likes to be held. She would be delighted to be carried around in your arms for a tour of the property. That's easier with her than the others in the litter, as she is the lightest at 7 lbs, 4 oz.

8 lbs, 12 oz and gaining, as this feisty and spirited pup loves her raw meat. In fact, she likes it better than all the other puppies, being the one to spend the longest gnawing at the raw chicken enjoyed by the puppies twice this week. This gal continues to have the queen attitude, but she isn't flaunting it too much, yet!
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