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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sirin X Duman Males 7 WEEKS OLD!

Wolf boy here, as we affectionately call him due to his face markings, weighed 3 lbs 2 oz at 7 weeks old (Saturday). He gained 3 lbs 2 oz this week. His average daily weight gain was 7.1 oz. He is very sweet and huggable, still! A very mellow boy!
The pinto boy with all white body is more in-your-face for attention and more likely to seek shade during the 100 degree weather. He is a very friendly boy at 15 lbs 11 oz. He gained 3 lbs 9 oz this week, the leader of the pack in weight gain. Average daily weight gain was 8.1 oz! I think he wants to be the big boy. We will see if he gets larger than his pinto brother below. It's a possibility.
Pinto boy with the tail spot is more nibbly on the feet and shoes, still. He is also very friendly. He weighed 16 lbs 0 oz. He gained 3 lbs 1 oz this week, with an average daily weight gain of 7.0 oz. He remains the overall heavy-weight of the entire litter.
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Anonymous Andra said...

oh these little men are a hoot - they look so soft and cuddly and full of questions and intrigue... and so very soon they will all be out to their new homes in the big wide world!

July 13, 2010 10:25 AM  

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