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Name:  Shepherds Rest Farm

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Biskit X Gunner Puppies 6 Weeks Old!

All pictures taken in the big pasture with other Anatolians and goats.

Male 1
Up for adventure and not afraid of other big dogs.
13 lbs 8 oz

Male 2
Eager to explore and visit other animals outside his pen.
15 lbs 2 oz

Female 1
Found off by herself in the puppy pen intently watching the goats and dogs at a distance.  Very happy when taken to their pasture.
12 lbs 12 oz

Female 2
Happy to visit other dogs and is bold with them, but intent on coming to me despite the other goings on.  Mommy?!
13 lbs 8 oz

Female 3
Bold and playful with the other dogs, loves being out of the puppy pen, but loves to cling on when picked up.
13 lbs 15 oz

Female 4
A show off.  Thinks she should get special attention but still a sweetheart.  Can't get enough of the big pasture and all the other animals.
14 lbs 2 oz
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