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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Birnur X Duman Puppies 2 Weeks Old!

Eyes and ears are open and pups can regulate their body temperature now.
They are learning to walk and are all over the place.  They continue to be well-satisfied with full bellies from mom Birnur, who is heavy with milk!
One more week and they will begin eating solid food (kibbles soaked in warm water until soft).

Male 1
45.6 oz

Male 2
56.7 oz

Male 3
50.7 oz

Male 4
42.3 oz

Male 5
37.5 oz

Male 6
60.6 oz

Male 7
48.1 oz

Female 1
53.0 oz

Female 2
52.7 oz

Female 3
45.4 oz

Female 4
46.9 oz

The Eleven:


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