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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kisrak X Noah Puppies 3 Weeks Old

Male 1:  brindle
4 lbs 12 oz
Quiet boy.  Laid back.

Male 2:  brindle
5 lbs 1 oz
Playful, bouncy boy.

Male 3:  brindle
4 lbs 1 oz
Seeks human attention & cuddles.  Also very agile & active.

Male 4:  fawn
4 lbs 2 oz
Still focused on eating and sleeping, and nothing else seems to matter to him.

Male 5:  pinto
4 lbs 8 oz
Quiet and laid back.

Male 6:  pinto
4 lbs 6 oz
Quiet and laid back.

Female 1:  brindle
2 lbs 15 oz but fastest and most agile, with a character to boot!  Nothing stops her.  She is the only pup that when held tummy up, will struggle and scream until put right-side-up.

Female 2:  fawn
3 lbs 6 oz
She still loves her beauty sleep.  You always have to look for her because she's off sleeping somewhere.

Female 3:  fawn
3 lbs 15 oz
She likes to sleep with her whole body on top of the siblings dog pile. She's very smart, finding the most comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Female 4:  pinto
5 lbs 8 oz
Focused on food.  No surprise, given she weighs more than all the males!

Female 5:  pinto
4 lbs 2 oz
Very alert.  First to bark when hearing strange noises.

The eleven.  The pinto pups' noses are getting more and more pigment and soon their noses will be all dark.  Pups are beginning to eat solid food, can see farther and farther each day, and are much more active, walking all over, and beginning to engage in mock battles with each other.  All are now practicing barking.  They still sleep a lot, after all, they are still babies.


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