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Friday, September 16, 2016

Panter X Arap Puppies 2 Days Old!

Ten puppies were born via C-section on 9-14-16.  Five puppies survived.  See full story below. 

Turkish import Panter and her babies.
This is the first litter sired by Turkish import Yozgatlı Arap Atı ("Arap")!
 Male 1 (above and below)

 Male 2 (above and below)

 Male 3 (above and below)

 Male 4 (above and below)

 Female (above and below)
 A few hours after Panter's water had broken and no puppies were delivered, we made a trip to the vet to check things out.  There were no puppies in the birthing canal.  Heartbeats of two puppies checked by the vet were above 170 beats per minute, which is normal.  I requested a C-section be performed, as I've learned to trust my gut on these matters.  Turns out that one of the uterine horns was not contracting.  All puppies from that horn did not survive.  Three never had heartbeats or respiration.  Two puppies were worked on for hours and struggled to breathe, were given plasma orally, as they would not be able to suckle, but just did not make it.  I think there must have been 5 gals (vet techs and office staff) and me working on the 10 pups.  Of the 5 pups that survived (pics above), 1 male pup thrived (the first one out) and screamed to cheer us all on while working on the other pups.  Four other pups took a bit of help and encouragement, but eventually all 5 nursed on mom before leaving the vet's office.  The uterine horn that was not functioning properly was one that had been the recipient of a C-section (a past one-puppy litter).  What I learned is that the 2 puppies that were checked for heartbeats were in the well-functioning uterine horn.  Had we checked any puppy in the malfunctioning horn, we would have known to do a C-section right away, as it would have shown the puppies in that horn were distressed or without heartbeats.  I also learned that for future litters from Panter, we must carefully calculate the timing and do a C-section a day before puppies are due to whelp.  The 10 puppies would have been 6 males and 4 females, but the surviving ones were 4 males and 1 female.  All puppies were full size and fully developed.  All had nice, dark, sleek and shiny coats.


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