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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yasmine X Aygir pups 7 weeks old

What a start to summer!  These puppies are almost ready to go to new homes.  Evals will be completed right after Memorial Day weekend, with puppy pick up as early as June 2-4 (Fri-Sun).  They are almost ready to try out their guarding skills in their individual homes, and have enjoyed some sunny (finally) days with their goats, goat kids, sheep, and lambs!
 Male 1 (above & below) blue collar (brindle)
17 lbs 14 oz
This boy is a bit of a drama king and likes to howl!

 Male 2 (above & below) black collar (fawn)
19 lbs 4 oz
Confident, friendly, loves to explore.

 Male 3 (above & below) green collar (brindle)
18 lbs 0 oz
Figures he would take a swim while I was trying to get good pics!
He is the most confident in the litter, is an explorer, and is the one who chose to sleep in the tunnel during the play date at the trainer's!

 Male 4 (above & below) brown collar (fawn)
15 lbs 2 oz
This boy is the most friendly and will sit quietly for long periods of time to get Mozzarella cheese treats!  He does not need his siblings, as he is fine being alone.  He loves to sleep in corners.

 Male 5 (above & below) tan collar (brindle)
17 lbs 9 oz
This boy is still working on his confidence, but enjoys taking treats at times and is confident enough to try the wobble board in different situations.

 Female 1 (above & below) red collar (brindle)
17 lbs 12 oz
This girl likes to swim instead of pose for pics too!
She is very smart and likes to work and learn, does not need to be the leader of the pack, and can be a playful spaz at times. She has been the only one to fetch (a behavior not typical of Anatolians).

 Female 2 (above & below) purple collar (fawn)
14 lbs 2 oz
This girl is high energy, taking after her mother.  Just call her Yasmine Jr.!  She will not tire while guarding a large property.

 Female 3 (above & below) orange collar (brindle)
19 lbs 9 oz
This girl is very confident and has high energy.  She is unafraid to go places without her siblings and likes to hang out and watch what the four 3-month-old big puppies are doing!

 Female 4 (above & below) white collar (fawn)
15 lbs 13 oz
This explorer girl loves tunnels and trying out new things!

 Female 5 (above & below) yellow collar (fawn)
16 lbs 6 oz
This girl likes to play and put her paws up to bat at things.  She is comfortable sleeping alone.


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