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Friday, February 16, 2007

Asya visits brother Tarik!

This is Tarik's littermate and sister, Asya. She is so beautiful! They are one week short of one year old. Asya lives near Eugene, Oregon, and guards pygmy goats. Asya had a bath yesterday, unlike Tarik, third picture down, who has our red clay soil staining his coat.
Asya remembered me! I got lots of kisses, body leans, and even roll-overs on my feet. What a sweetheart!
The siblings were given play time and had a blast running all over and jumping on each other. They look like they are close to the same size.
Here is Asya with her mother, Sirin. Asya is definitely larger than her mother! Sirin was more reserved with Asya than Tarik was, but seemed to remember her. Posted by Picasa


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