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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stray Dogs of Turkey

Some of the stray dogs we saw could easily be village dogs (owned by someone in the village or having adopted the village as theirs). Some of the strays could easily be Anatolian Shepherd Dogs who once had flocks to guard but now find themselves without a job due to dwindling flocks. Some could be Anatolian mixes, having bred with other breeds. Some strays become village dogs; some turn wild and can even join a pack of wild dogs. The dog seen in above and below pictures was hanging out along the Aegean Sea. Can you see the Anatolian influence in this series of stray dog pictures?

This stray dog at the Aegean Sea is in search of dumpster delights. It looks to be well fed. Notice the curled tail and the brindle coat coloring.
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