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Monday, September 21, 2009

ASD Puppies 2 Weeks Old!

The missing 7th pup is on the far left. You can just make out a bit of the back end and tail!
The only male in the litter, with white collar weighs 3 lbs 9 oz today. He continues to vie for heaviest in the litter with the heavy-weight girl! Three days of this last week he weighed a bit more, but at the week 2 mark, the big gal beat him again. Both are good-sized puppies! This sweet boy is very laid back.
The darkest colored female weighs 2 lbs 7 oz. She is now a slow and steady gainer. Not in a rush and not a fighter over the food.
The heavy-weight female with the most white on her face IS all about the food. She is heaviest in the litter AGAIN over the only male at 3 lbs 10 oz. She is the strongest in the litter too, pushy and successful about it.
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