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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yal for the Anatolian Puppies

Two days ago this litter received their first yal, their first taste of food other than mother's milk. It was made from freshly ground wheat berries stirred into enough cold water to mix it, then turkey broth and water the fresh green beans from the garden were cooked in. It was the consistency of runny oatmeal. They loved it! These pics were taken their first yal-eating day!
Puppies are seen above and below still with sticky mouths and wherever else they mouthed each other while eating!
Sirin cleaned up what was left of their food, after they were finished. She always waits for them to eat, without ever being told.
The puppies are fed yal both morning and night. Last night I fed Sirin at the same time. She got kibbles with hamburger cooking juice poured over it. All the puppies eagerly started lapping up the yal, but the heavy-weight girl smelled something better and found her way instead to mom's big metal food bowl. She managed to almost get herself stuck, hanging over the edge of the bowl. She loved what she found, and even ate the partially soaked kibbles! Soon the darkest girl joined her, but I had to tip the food bowl for her to reach. The others had not caught on yet. Sirin had left some of her food for her kids, and they finished it!
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