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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ilik's Male Puppies 5 Weeks Old

Pinto boy has the nicknames Rodeo, Tank, and Beefy Boy. He will be a lovely rough-coat pinto when he matures! Don't see many of those around! He weighs 14 lbs, 0 oz today at 5 weeks old. Average daily weight gain for him this week is 10 whopping ounces a day! He's tied with his dark brother immediately below on this score! IF he kept up this kind of weight gain, he would be 27 lbs at 8 weeks old! What a boy! Typically Anatolian puppies weigh around 20 lbs at 8 weeks old. Pinto boy is confident and a darling boy who likes attention.
Darkest boy here is tied with pinto brother above on average daily weight gain this week of, WOW!, 10 oz, however, he weighs one ounce more than pinto brother, at 14 lbs, 1 oz today! This boy continues to be aloof, independent, but sweet and likes attention when sought out. He and the heavy boys are becoming much more on their feet as they mature, with rear legs becoming straighter and straighter as they develop and mature. This boy is likely to become a Shepherds Rest breeding male, if all healthy clearances are good! Stay tuned for his Turkish name!
Lil bit'o white nose boy weighs 12 lbs, 6 oz today and his average daily weight gain this week is 8.17 oz. This boy and his brother below are the speedy boys, as they aren't carrying around as much as their heavy-weight brothers! Boy shown above does not do anything to seek undue attention. He is patient, but loves affection. Although all of Ilik's puppies seem like satisfied puppies, this guy is more so. He loves his yal and fresh eggs and goat milk and kibbles as well as his siblings!
White spot on forehead boy is 11 lbs, 8 oz, with an average daily weight gain this week of 8.67 lbs, the third heaviest daily weight gainer, despite being the lightest weighing male. To put things in perspective, he weighs 4 ounces more than Sirin's heavy male did at the exact same age, 5 weeks old! This is a thick-boned litter of puppies that I will be eager to see as they mature into adulthood! This boy is very very affectionate. He is the first male to meet and greet and seems to enjoy attention and love a bit more than the other puppies. He, like the others, is very in-tune with his surroundings, which include other dogs, goats, chickens, cows, and cats. They can also hear neighboring llamas, donkeys, horses, and pigs.
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