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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sirin Puppies 7 Weeks Old

Such ferocious play at this age! And look at those canines! The teeth, that is! Here are Anatolians at their best at 7 weeks old, growing up to be mighty defenders of their livestock and people. These puppies are going to be working in Montana, California, and Oregon, where the wild critters are! They will be in bear, cougar, and coyote areas!
The only male, outnumbered by 6 sisters, weighed 17 lbs, 14 ounces at 7 weeks old. Average daily weight gain for him this week was 8.33 oz. He continues to be laid-back, a bit aloof but still loves attention, he just doesn't usually seek it out. He's a bit easier to startle than his sisters, but he startles "in place." Doesn't run or hide, just watches the souce. He will not be one to over-react. He will takes things in stride and act only when it's really important and necessary. When it came time for his pictures, it started to pour rain, which is why he AND photographer were on the porch!
Darkest girl weighed 13 lbs, 14 oz. She had the lowest average daily weight gain at 6.17 oz. She is agile and likes to practice dominance, but it's all in play. She is not a bully, just likes to have a bit of fun. The others readily accept her play. All puppies in this litter seem to take turns at things and there is not even one puppy in this litter that lords it over the others. I love the consistent laid-back natures I'm seeing. And taking pictures at this age is IMPOSSIBLE! The puppies are RUNNING, FAST, and FAR! Especially this one, thus the holding in place for one decent picture!
Ah, the heavy-weight girl who now has a heavy-weight rival the same weight, 16 lbs, 9 oz. Her average daily weight gain was 7.17 oz, 5th out of 7 puppies in amount. She is slowing down a bit, or maybe just gathering her forces to have a heavier growth spurt this next week! We shall see! Luckily the camera managed to catch her inside the frame after about a zillion attempts and light fawn blurs! This gal still loves to be on the bottom of the heap, tummy up, with would-be wrestling champs on top of her!
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Blogger Jessica ;-) said...

They're looking good! I can totally relate to the billions of pics to get ONE 'good' picture!!! LOL!! But it looks like you got some cute action ones though!

October 28, 2009 1:01 AM  

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