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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ilik's Male Puppies 6 Weeks Old

Sometimes the only way to get a good picture is to capture them peeing! ;-> Pinto boy is 19 lbs, 1 oz at 6 weeks old. He gained anywhere from 7 to 22 ounces in one day this week! On the 22 oz day, I had to weigh him several times to make sure I was reading the scale correctly! This guy is still the Meet and Greet Man. Such a friendly fellow!
The darkest boy, or maybe I should say the "least white" boy, since his coat has lightened greatly, weighs 18 lbs, 3 oz. He gained anywhere from 5 to 13 oz in one day this week. He let pinto boy pass him in weight the last 5 days. This fellow now likes to be petted and comes readily to people. But he does like to stay back and observe the goings-on without getting into the fray still. Both he and pinto boy have huge heads!
Lil bit'o white nose boy is almost no white nose at this point. Don't you LOVE that dark face and head?! This coat color (body) is what's called gray fawn. He weighs 16 lbs, 5 oz now, gaining from 7 to 11 oz in one day this week. This guy likes attention, but if you ignore him, he winds up behind you, chewing on the backs of your shoes! This guy knows how to use the back door for attention! Smart guy!
White forehead spot boy is the face licker hair grabber. If you bend down and don't watch it, he will grab a bunch of your hair in his mouth! He's only being playful. He is probably the most playful of the boys, as the other ones above just don't play much, but then again, they weigh more too, so not as fast or agile. The girls do, and this guy loves to join them. However, it's brief, as Anatolian puppies don't usually play much with toys. This guy weighs 14 lbs, 13 oz. He gained anywhere from 5 to 11 oz in a single day this week.
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