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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kepi X Aygir Puppies 1 Day Old

Male 1 (pictured above & below):  25.8 oz at birth 

Male 2 (pictured above & below):  23.7 oz

Female 1 (pictured above & below):  21.2 oz

Female 2 (pictured above & below):  23.1 oz

Female 3 (pictured above & below):  21.8 oz
Kepi (Murekkep) went into labor Friday afternoon but it never progressed to pushing.  Called the vet about 2:30 a.m. and we both agreed to wait until morning.  At 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning, we were at the vet for a C-section, resulting in 5 large, beautiful, healthy and active puppies.  We did not lose any pups.  Kepi was not able to deliver her puppies naturally due to a gel blob of undeveloped pup right at the "bifurcation" so that there was no head (skull or boney structure) to push down on the cervix to start the actual hard labor process, and it blocked the way for anything to pass by it.  Kepi and puppies are all doing well.  Aygir did a phenomenal job siring his first litter, and produced 4 brindles in these 5 puppies.  Although Kepi has no brindles in her lineage, Aygir has at least two:  1) his dam, Turkish import Durkaya's Kara Panter, and 2) his father's sire, Turkish import Çapar of Çardak. All 3 female puppies are brindle and one of the males is brindle.  Aygir also produced both dark and light brindles, despite being a very light brindle himself!  The genetics of coat color in Anatolians is fascinating.


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