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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Moose X Arap pups 6 weeks old

Pics were taken yesterday, 5-19-17, at 6 weeks + 2 days old.  Weights are at exactly 6 weeks old.  Like the Yasmine X Aygir litter that is 5 days older, this Moose X Arap litter will be ready for new homes June 2 at the earliest, after the evals are completed just past Memorial Day weekend.  They are ready to start the summer guarding in their new homes!
 Male 1 (above) blue collar (fawn)
18 lbs 11 oz
This brave boy can be discovered out checking the goats and sheep. He has learned to keep his distance from the babies or to incur the attempted head-butts of the mothers.
 Male 2 (above) purple collar (fawn)
15 lbs 4 oz
This boy likes to be incognito, quietly doing his work in the background.  He does not wish to call attention to himself, but is happy to work for treats occasionally, if he has nothing better to do.  He reminds me of the Anatolians in Turkey that hide in the hills and only come out to take care of a threat!  Although this pup does not hide, he manages to be mostly inconspicuous, despite being a love.
 Female 1 (above) red collar (fawn)
15 lbs 10 oz
This confident, outgoing girl is energy and playfulness.  She loves to earn treats and continues to be incredibly smart. She is not easy to take pictures of, as she is seemingly always on the move.
 Female 2 (above) orange collar (gray fawn, rough coat)
15 lbs 9 oz
This laid-back girl likes reclining in cool places, like shady wet grass or mud.  When available, she will choose the shady spot under the goat feeder.  She has no need to be leader of the pack, and will often turn away when a sibling or puppy from another litter tries to engage in mock battle.  She is a very happy girl and loves her belly rubs and cuddles.


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