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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guardian of the Winery

This Anatolian Shepherd Dog is functioning as a winery guard in western Turkey. With the disappearance of the flocks (and shepherd dogs as a result), it is possible that this dog used to guard the flocks. However, ASDs have been used in Turkey for centuries to guard not only sheep flocks and goat herds, homes and villages, but also factories and places of business.
Although this dog is chained, he is very powerful, and I would not trust the chain to hold him if I were to go beyond the fence. I saw dogs double-chained by their owners, which attests to the fact that these dogs are not easily contained should they perceive a threat! There is no lack of attention or concentration on this dog's face!
This winery is located in the mountains outside a town with a population of just under 5000.
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