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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ilik's Female Puppies 1 Week Old

Little pinto girl is thriving, despite her small birth size and the fact that we had to tie her umbilical cord which was flowing like a hose. She has been on a steady gain in weight and after being helped to latch onto the teats for the first day, she has had no problem since in making sure she gets food. Her energy is excellent and she seems just as strong as the rest of the puppies Birthweight: 11.4 oz. One week old weight tonight: 21.5 oz. She has double rear dew claws.
This girl has very similar facial markings to her mother so we call her "Ilik face." Birthweight: 17.8 oz. Weight now: 35.9 oz. She is the only one in the litter without rear dew claws.
White nose female here weighed 14.2 oz at birth. Today she is at 30.0 oz. She has double rear dew claws.
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